Nominations & Voting
A: Yes, however nominations are screened for the following 6 points:
1. Artist must have released music between 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020.
2. Music must have been released between 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020.
3. Recording of music must be distributed and found on at least 1 of these major streaming platforms: Spotify, YouTube or SoundCloud.
4. All artists must be below 35 years old and a Singaporean/PR.
5. For bands with multiple individuals, at least 50% must be below 35 years old and Singaporean/PR.
6. Only nominations made between 22 February 2021 to 7 March 2021 are valid.
A: Yes. We do not consider nominees we have not received.
A: There could be 3 reasons.
1: No one submitted your name in that category.
2: It could have been submitted but may not have fit the 6 screening criteria.
3: You may have landed outside of the 5 nominees
A: Voting can be done via this website. For the 1st time, YMA voting can also be done via Twitter. This is a lot more work for the organisers in tracking the tweets. However, the desire was to help allow users to vote via an existing commonly used social platform, while also using an open platform like Twitter to be able to grow awareness of the awards and greater recognition for nominees via platform and RTs from fans. Awards like MAMA (KR), MTV EMAs, American Music Awards, have used Twitter to great effect.
A: A vote on Twitter is the same weightage as a vote on the website. Voters on Twitter can vote via 2 ways depending on their level of convenience and preference.
1. Like or RT the official artist card*
2. Custom your own tweet with @Artistname #YMA21 #EventCategory+
* An official artist card has the necessary hashtags for the organisers to track and count it as a vote
+ If artist does not have a Twitter account, #artistname. Please refer to the official artist cards to reference the correct #EventCategory hashtag.
A: You can vote once per day per category-nominee. This means you can vote across multiple categories in a day, and technically multiple artists in a category. But you are unable to vote for the same artist in the same category more than once per 24 hours.
A: This is to add 1 layer of protection against anyone who utilises bots to perform an automated action and bias the vote count.
A: The Bandwagon tech team has implemented a unique fraud prevention platform which uniquely and accurately identifies users without the need for logging in. It overcomes use of Incognito, VPNs, cookie blockers to conduct any fraudulent activity toward voting. Our solution is compliant with GDPR and CCPA personal data privacy protection.
A: No you do not. You only need to click a vote button on the website or tweet to vote.
A: There are 16 award categories.
A: You may remember last year’s award categories fromhere.Before planning the awards, the organisers spoke to an array of artists. It was discovered that as the Awards matures in recognition, if it were to be most useful to artists, award categories should align more with commonly held international music standards. Hence after much discussion, the switch toward a new set of genre-based awards.
A: Yes. The non-English category was carved out to ensure that there was representation toward non-English music. Non-English music was welcome across all the other genre categories and screened in the same way as English music.
A: There are a minimum of 4 judges per category.
A: Judges play an important role in YMA21, with a heavy influence toward the winner of each category. Much thought was given toward the judges for YMA21. These judges needed to have an understanding of the music industry, relevant seniority, and also represent platforms that could help to elevate our youth music talents.
A: Public votes account for 40% toward the winner.
A: No, there is only 1 winner per category.
Awards show
A: The awards will be announced on 31 March, from 7pm, via a live show with an online broadcast on Twitter (@BandwagonAsia), Youtube (@BandwagonAsia), Facebook (@BandwagonAsia, @ScapeSG).
A: Yes there will be. Stay tuned to this website and @BandwagonAsia for the line-up release.
A: Unfortunately due to safe distancing measures, seats at the live show are very limited and catered toward nominees, performers, VIP guests and crew.
A: Thank you. You can help in 3 ways:
1. Share the awards with as many of your friends
2. Encourage your friends to vote
3. Tune into the livestream and participate actively online
A: You can contact us at bandwagon[at]bandwagon.sg with the title “YMA21 feedback”.